• Image of 50 Foods That Will Change Your Life (e-book)

Get the facts. Get the recipes. Eat your way to wellbeing.

This book will inspire you to nourish yourself, become educated about the foods you need to eat and find a deep sense of connection with your food by learning its incredible health benefits.

Our philosophy is that food really can be your medicine. By eating certain ingredients that address your health concerns you can improve your vitality!

From increasing your vitality and boosting your brainpower to losing weight and preventing disease – these fifty familiar ingredients have a whole range of positive effects on women’s health. They taste pretty great, too.

With comprehensive information on the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and all the other good stuff, along with more than 250 ways to get the ingredients into your everyday diet – from handy tips to easy recipes – you have everything you need to make the right food choices for you.

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